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Deluxe Hydration Boost

Delivers unparalleled amounts of rejuvenating vitamins from a base of superlative hydrating oils. 


- Warmth of the treatment aids in the expansion of blood vessels in the face. This causes more circulation to help bright your complex.

- Oils calm and protect delicate, irritated skin. Fortified with blackcurrant seed oil, pure olive squalene, seabuckthorn and macadamia oil, these oils aid in boosting the natural moisture retention ability in the epidermis.  

- Intense Moisture & heat soothes tired facial muscles. Thus acting as a hydrating calmer to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 


AB's Signature Deep Cleanse

Get the  glow you have always wanted. This deep cleanse uses microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate the epidermis and renew the overall skin tone and texture. Combined with a Sonophoresis vitamin infusion,  Ultrasound therapy is used to increase the absorption of topical compounds into the epidermis.  

Diamond-tip microdermabrasion works by removing the upper most layer of dead skin cells that builds up on the surface of the epidermis. Resulting in the unclogging of pores, which aids in absorption of skin care to penetrate into the dermal layer.

Sonophoresis is a non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic (sound wave) technology, warmth and motion energy. It has been clinically proven to significantly increase the depth and rate at which 

This anti-aging treatment promotes overall skin health while softening fine lines,wrinkles, coarsely textured skin, decreasing the appearance of scarring, decreasing pore size and reducing superficial hyper-pigmentation. 


LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light therapy is a well-recognised treatment for the skin and has been in use for many years in both the aesthetic beauty and medical fields. 

Our Opera LED facial mask can be used as a dedicated light therapy facial, or combined with all of our other facial treatments, to create a unique and customised treatment tailored to your requirements. LED light therapy is a painless and effective method for stimulating positive changes within the skin, whether we are targeting acne, redness, sun damage or ageing.

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Red light therapy is an every-day term for the science of photobiomodulation or LED light as it is also commonly known. It has been proven in the field of healing and rejuvenating, anti-aging, wound care, pain relief, and much more. It is a 100% natural therapy with zero side effects.

​Red light therapy is a natural process with a great deal of benefit and no real known adverse side effects. Red light therapy is capable of penetrating the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm. 

Once absorbed this red light energy is converted to cellular energy. This conversion of energy then leads to stimulation of the body’s natural processes on a cellular level. This process leads to a whole series of metabolic events, like:

  • Increased circulation
  • Increased lymphatic system
  • Increased collagen production 
  • Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up
  • Stimulation of the tissue
  • Inflammation reduction

Blue Light 

Blue light therapy is the main light colour that is used for the treatment of acne. This can be delivered by a blue light mask or a standalone light emitting device. The advantage of the Acne light masks is it is close the skin and offers many other benefits along with the successful treatment of acne.  

The LED mask can be used as an acne light mask and emits both blue light at 415nm (known to kill bacteria) and infrared light at 830nm. It is this infrared light that causes a reduction in the size of oil-secreting glands that contain the bacteria. The infra-red light also increases blood circulation to the area to help the body’s own defence and immune system.

  • Kills active bacteria
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Increased blood circulation and improves immune response 
  • Stabilise oil secreting glands

Phantom LED Facial - $140.00

LED Add on - $50.00

Rebalance Express

This express deep cleanse uses microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate the epidermis and renew the overall skin tone and texture. Combined with a Sonophoresis vitamin infusion, Ultrasound therapy is used to increase the absorption of topical compounds into the epidermis.

Get your express deep cleanse and help rebalance your skin.


Dermapen 4 Skin Needling

Erase your skin’s past with our most popular correction treatment. Dermapen uses the world’s most advanced skin needling technology to stimulate the production of collagen creating smoother, healthier skin. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring with less downtime and better results than ever before.

Preformed in a sterile environment using only medical grade equipment.

- Active bacterial or fungal infections
- Immunosuppression
- Less than 2 weeks since receiving a Filler or botox treatment.
- Active eczema
- Currently on Accutane or less the 12-month post taking Accutane.
-  Treatment can not be performed if there is active acne.

- Suspicious Lesions- These must be diagnosed by a practitioner prior to beginning
- Discontinue retinoid products 24 hours prior to beginning

Treatment includes your 2 day home care kit.


Red Carpet Ready

Do you need to get Red carpet ready? This facial is a favourite to so many Hollywood celebrities.

Combination of a deep Micro+ cleanses & Lymphatic facial.

What are the benefits of  Micro+ & lymphatic facial?
- Achieve immediate noticeable improvement
- Improves the appearance of large pore
- Increased skin hydration
- Plumps out fine lines and wrinkles
- Stimulates underlying tissues
- No pain, no side effects.


More Treatments Coming Soon

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