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A revolution in lash perming has finally arrived and its called a Lash Lift
It offers you a way to transform your own lashes by giving the illusion of long, luscious, curled lashes with out the use of lash extensions, lash curlers or mascara.

The Lash Lift is a 1 hour treatment using silicon rods to lift and curl your lashes. With a lash lift you no longer need eyelash curlers or mascara. You'll wake up every day with bright long luscious lashes!

All Lash Lift treatment includes a customised lash lift, lash tint and lash nourishment boost. The treatment takes 50 minutes and lasts approximately 4 – 8 weeks.

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Eyelash Tint - $25.00

Eyelash Lift (Inc Tint) - $90.00

Eyelash Lift  + Tint +Treatment - $100

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