Expired Products

Out with the old and in with the new! 

Here’s how to tell when your beauty products are past their use-by dates!

Expired cosmetics and skincare products can pose a risk to your health. Here’s how to tell if your beauty items are past their used by dates.

1. They are dried out:
When mascara is dry or gluggy, it’s well past its use-by date. Don’t keep your mascara for more than three months after opening! It could cause irritation or infections.

2. They have spots or fuzz:
Whether it’s on make-up, in your skincare or shower gel, this is a sign of bacteria or fungus. Don’t think twice, bin the product! You could end up with a nasty blemish, or worse.
Don’t add water to make it last longer. It dilutes the preservative, creating a bacteria breeding ground.

3. The texture changes:
Bin cream that is too thick, thin or grainy, especially if it has active ingredients such as vitamin A or C.

4. The colour changes:
Make-up pigments are sensitive to light, so it’s not unusual for them to change, particularly those in clear plastic packaging. 
It doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong but if there is a dramatic colour change, BIN BIN BIN

5. They no longer look good:
A new foundation leaves your skin radiant and dewy. The day it stops doing this, is the day you should stop using it! 

Don’t forget the majority of your makeup has an expire on the bottom of your product. It looks something like this;  

If you have anything that is past its due date, chuck it straight away. It’s not worth the risk of getting yourself or others sick. 

Hope these tips help you all. 
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