Expired Products

Out with the old and in with the new! 

Here’s how to tell when your beauty products are past their use-by dates!

Expired cosmetics and skincare products can pose a risk to your health. Here’s how to tell if your beauty items are past their used by dates.

1. They are dried out:
When mascara is dry or gluggy, it’s well past its use-by date. Don’t keep your mascara for more than three months after opening! It could cause irritation or infections.

2. They have spots or fuzz:
Whether it’s on make-up, in your skincare or shower gel, this is a sign of bacteria or fungus. Don’t think twice, bin the product! You could end up with a nasty blemish, or worse.
Don’t add water to make it last longer. It dilutes the preservative, creating a bacteria breeding ground.

3. The texture changes:
Bin cream that is too thick, thin or grainy, especially if it has active ingredients such as vitamin A or C.

4. The colour changes:
Make-up pigments are sensitive to light, so it’s not unusual for them to change, particularly those in clear plastic packaging. 
It doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong but if there is a dramatic colour change, BIN BIN BIN

5. They no longer look good:
A new foundation leaves your skin radiant and dewy. The day it stops doing this, is the day you should stop using it! 

Don’t forget the majority of your makeup has an expire on the bottom of your product. It looks something like this;  

If you have anything that is past its due date, chuck it straight away. It’s not worth the risk of getting yourself or others sick. 

Hope these tips help you all. 
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The Perfect Brows

Eyebrows frame the eyes and are one of the most expressible features of the face.

The majority of people find the eyebrows the hardest to do and tend to over draw them and end up looking like the photo below.

How many of us have made this mistake?
I sure have!

Well you won’t make it again!
Below i will go through steps to get the perfect brows!

Filling the eyebrows:

When picking the perfect colour to fill your eyebrows with, you should consider/look at your hair colour, skin tone and facial features. Look for an eyebrow shadow, pencil or wax that compliments your features.

Always use your natural brow shape as your guide. Enhance it without changing its fundamental shape. The brows should be soft with no peaks. A point or very thin brow creates a harsh and/or surprised look.

Filling in the brows:

Outline the bottom of the eyebrow to get a perfectly groomed shape.
Once this is done, blend it up and fill in the brows. Always fill them in upwards following the direction the hair growth and the natural curve of the brow. Don’t push down too much, use light handed fine strokes. Once you have filled in the brows, brush it out with a Spooly or eyebrow brush to blend the colour or you can brush as you go so you don’t do them to dark.

Why MUA Highlight the brow bone?

By highlighting the brow bone it reflects particles and draws light up to the brows, defining the bone structure and making the eyes pop.

Highlight the brow bone with a soft natural coloured shadow or soft shimmer shadow. When highlighting the brow bone start from the beginning of the arch (2) to the end of the brow (3). Blend it with an eyeshadow brush until you get a subtle and natural looking brow bone.

And these are the secrets to perfectly shaped eyebrows! :)

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